duminică, 20 martie 2016

Advertising: McDonald's VS. Burger King (troll alert)

         Acum câteva zile, cei de la McDonald's USA au lansat o reclamă TV prin care exemplificau cât de greu ajunge un american la un restaurant Burger King, comparativ cu drumul parcurs până un restaurant McDonald's. Bineînțeles, răspunsul celor de la Burger King a fost... priceless :)
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duminică, 13 martie 2016

Animalul social. Book Review

Cartea Animalul Social prezintă povestea unor oameni simpli, care nu s-au înnăscut genii, dar care au reușit să schimbe comunitatea în care au trăit. Ceea ce pare că îi ajută pe acești oameni, sunt o serie de aptitudini greu de cuantificat (aptitudini non-cognitive), care duc din punct de vedere psihologic la împlinire și fericire.
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duminică, 10 ianuarie 2016

Advertising: KitKat TV ad shows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING #viralmarketing

Welcome to NOTHING - the brand new TV ad created by KitKat on Christmas.  
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vineri, 8 ianuarie 2016

Case Study: Run With Heart Foundation - "Moving Tracks"

The main goal of this campaign was to encourage teens who never run to do so, by using the power of their favourite music. But there was a catch. The song plays, when the teens were actually running. There's what came out. 
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Advertising: Old Spice - smell legedary

Here's the newest TV commercials for Old Spice -  #SmellLegendary. And yes, there's a wale in the ad :))

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joi, 7 ianuarie 2016

Social media GoPro - Best of 2015

Here are the best gopro videos uploaded on social media in 2015. Those action movies represent a great content for social media, so if you are into those kind of video content, here are some apps that might help you :)
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Advertising: Honda Civic - the dreamer

Honda Civic was redesigned and is available with 174-horsepower turbo charged engine
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