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Am stat de vorba cu Phil Tayag din trupa Jabbawockeez a.k.a Swaggerboy dupa unul dintre show-urile lor din Monte Carlo, asa ca am postat interviul mai jos alaturi de cateva filmulete si fotografii din cadrul spectacolului.Spectacolul cuprinde pe langa stilurile incluse in cultura Hip Hop, momente de pantomima, dans teatral, interpretare muzicala si stand-up comedy.De aproape un an de zile spectacolul MUS.I.C se desfasoara cu casa inchisa.Enjoy;)

M: Hello!How was the crowd tonight?Did u have fun? Phil:The audience was amazing.When it comes to a Jabbawockeez show we really vibe..i mean is not just “hey we gonna’ come here and dance for u guys”, no, we really feed off their energy .You can’t see our faces, but we can see everybody in the crowd.

M: What is the concept of the show?
Phil: Well...Music is to us like the soundtrack of our lifes,so basically this is the concept of the show,we can literally talk with our bodies without using our faces, so the mask kinda helps us out, because we can express throught our bodies....I like the mask.This show is 100% Jabbawockeez, no on ABDC, this is 100% us.

M: Why MUS.I.C?What does it mean?
Phil: We are interpretating every beat, every sound with our bodies that’s makes you see your own muse.Is the MUS.I.C throught the beats, sound.

M: How are u guys choosing the new Jabba members? Phil: Well, we are not going around and looking for dancers...We’ve become friends before we put anybody in the group.It’s not just “hey your a good dancers, come dance with us”.We know we vibe with you...You know its like....You play with Transformers, i play with Transformers.,.lets play with Transformers together..:))

M: There is any age limit?
Phil: Absolutely not.That’s why we are wearing the mask, because we want the audience to focus on the show, on our moves, and see the whole us.We don’t what to be like “hey look there’s Phil, or hey Chris is hot”....or whatever.So it doesnt matter the age.We have 2 years old Jabbawockeez, 3 years old Jabbawockeez, so the young generation is coming out.

M: How ABDC affected your life?
Phil: Well winning ABDC season 1 affected us in every way possible, our personal lifes. We’ve been able to travel a lot.We’ve been to Spain, UK, Malaysia (shoutout to Malaysia, my hometown), Australia, Puerto Rico.We’ve toured the States about three times. I feel blessed to be able to just dance, and to show people what is our passion, to entertain them, it’s amazing.

M: What is the “down part” of being a Wockee? Phil: Beeing away from your family, friends, and maybe KB would say beeing away from his sons.Cause his always hidding from them just to come to it’s hard sometimes.

M: I know about the scandal...with your masks and stuff, so tell us, why did you guys choose the colour of the mask white?
Phil: So we choose to wear a mask because we want to hide our individual identitis, so the people focus on the art and the dance. And white looks cool on the stage, and brown let why it doest look good on stage, so we are wearing also the gloves.We also have orange masks.

M: You guys have a lot of fans, but which celebrity are you a fan of?
Phil: Will Smith, i’m a huge fan, and LeBron James.I appreciate a lot Chris Brown, great artist, good dancer.

M:What was the hardest performance that you had to do every since you got together with Jabbawockeez?
Phil: I think it was the last time when we’ve been in Filippine, because of the enviroment, we felt like we had no air, it was very hard to breath.

M: If u were not a “Wockee”, what do you thing you’d be? Phil: A “Talkee” i’m kidding...hmm...let me thing...maybe musical theatre, or marketing.

M: Well all your fans wanna know what is the status of our love life?
Phil: The status of my love life is yes i love life.

M: Are you serious?
Phil: No...=))..well i am not single....i’m sorry...

M: You’re sorry?/..=)) great...

M: What was the most amazing thing that a fan has done for you? Phil: During ABDC a fan did a tattoo with those three masks.I felt kinda bad, because i don’t have an Jabbawockeez tattoo, was amazing.

M :Ok , now i’m gonna ask you another questions and i want you to answer me with the first word that comes to your mind?Ok?
Phil: ok...i thought that you’re gona ask me “what’s your favourite colour?”, but its getting harder.
M: Favourite Movie EVER?
Phil: The persuit of happiness

M: Favourite music-performer?
Phil: Beyonce
M: Favourite dance move?
Phil: you know i like the Swagg...

M: Favourite music –video?And explain yourself? Phil: Beyonce – crazy in love.She brings a lot of fierceness in this video.She brings the tippin’, a little bit of voguein’, a lot a swagg to it, which is what i like.The mean walkin’ , the “OO Dance”, she’s just raw, sexy rawness, she shows no mercy when it comes to perform, she shows no mercy to the cameras,to the fans.She just brings it 110% , probably one of the most amazing performance that i’ve ever seen in my life.

M: Worst pleasure?
Phil: Food

M: Jabbawockeez is the first dance-crew in the world that has theri own show.I know that you guys are going to be here in Monte carlo for another 3-4 months.I would like to wish you the best of luck, and as a last question, what comes out new for Jabba?
Phil: Yes is a 90 minutes show, all Jabba. What comes new?well...a new album, is the second one , is called MUS.I.C, 14 tracks, mixed by the Dj’s form Bangerz, and our clothing line 2011, for all the Wockeez out there.

M: Ok, last message for the fans around the world? Phil: Thank you guys for all your support, we’ve never been here if it weren’t for you.I’m Phil, a.k.a Swaggerboy, MUS.I.C come check us out.We love you, and i hope we’re gonna perform in Romania sometimes.



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