luni, 13 mai 2013

Dance accepts me...

This is how i really feel. Dance is defining my personality and who i am, it accepts me with all my flaws and it's not being judgemental with me. When i'm dancing i feel that i can be whatever and whoever i want this is freedom:-) 

Ballet and also contemporary, allows me to express different types of feelings. Even if i'm happy or sad, disappointed or accomplished, dance is that thing in life that i can't live without. Some of my friends from Capezio have told me that kids dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music. Which i found it true. 

Dancing is actually contains a little bit of insanity that does everybody a great deal of good. Constanze used to say that  dancing is like dreaming with your feet, but i actually believe that dancing is the hidden language of your soul. Dancing allows you to express you're feelings better than anything.

 I don't think that i'm dancing with my feet and my arm. I am pretty sure that i'm dancing with my soul. Arms and feet are just there to help me expressing what my soul dictates me to do. People say that "i don't dance, because i don't know how"...If you enjoy dancing so much so you leave a piece of you're heart on the dance floor, know to dance!

Do you have a problem, are you sad, happy...? Don't talk. Just dance. We will notice what you're feelings are:-) 
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