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The future of content marketing in 4 steps :-)

Future is not something that we are supposed to expect for, but it's something that we create. Everybody’s talking here and there about marketing, content, ENGAGING content, but what about some brand new type of content? In UK, one of the most amazing marketers around the world have talked about the future of content marketing. Social media marketing is now on a good level, but what about a great one? What’s next for all those brands that are investing in social media today?

Our world is digital – even if we’re living in a digital world, we’re still stuck in the print paradigm. Forget ebooks, pdf documents… we need some dynamic screen experience! I imagine a great scrolling infographic about saving animals, where you can actually see how can be a better man/woman and save the animals.

Search with no Google – Google is great, I love it, but is not that smart…I mean seriously, we can’t rely on Google to deliver our audience. In a B2B event in UK, marketers said that some great content will only make it to page three. So, we have to build communities around our brands, instead of waiting for Google to deliver us our target audience. How is that cool? Well, building a community around your brand will make your content viral, and even Google will drop you. So, Google will be handless.

Content for every client  - every client is different: different strategy, different objectives, different..everything, so you can't to serve up the same content.

Content is not engaging, is teching -  Now, we are creating engaging content that makes people talking, get involved…bla bla bla.. But, what if it helped them to actually do something and learn things? 
For exemple: look this is my product: amazing dark chocolate, named ChocoDarkness. I just picked up a random name, I don’t even know if this brand is on the market in any place on Earth. It’s getting kind of boring posting everyday photos with ChocoDarkness or waterfall chocolate videos. As a Facebook page admin, you can try to learn fans to do something with your amazing chocolate, like: cakes, 5 steps for your great chocolate glaze, how to make chocolate cream for muffins…I don’t know..those are just a few exemples :-)

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