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How do students and workers from abroad deal with culture shock?

Being an  international student or worker can be hard, but don't give up. 60% of the students from United States are intenational and here, the class room enviroment is very challenging for all of them. Being an international student in America can be difficult in term of mixing culture. 

Yes, we can talk about…shock…culture shock. You know were you are, you know why are you are in that class room, but this feel uneasy.  Some people experiment this  culture shock in different ways. 

They may feel:
  • ·         Sadness
  • ·         Loneliness
  • ·         Frustration
  • ·         Anxiety, or they may have trouble concentrating in the beginning. It is not ok to start hating people around you. 

38% of international student say they ecountered culture shock, after 1 year of study 

Phase 1 of culture shoc is called: The Honeymoon. You may be like “what culture shock? No way..i just came here and i love everything is so cool”. But when time goes by, you might start to feel that you don’t belong to that place. Ok, the city is great, cool buildings,etc, but what are you doing there? 

What about social life?

Well, the very first problem that students an international workers have to deal with the slang. It is hard to get along with your colleges when you don't understand what they are talking. 19% of the people who left their countries said that it was very hard to understand slang, idioms and buzz words. So, to summarize, almost half of the international students and workers said that it was difficult to understand slang and idioms and get along with new enviroment. 

How can you get adjusted?

First of all you have to be patientYou are smart, you’ve  worked hard to get to that university/highschool, so don’t panic. Remember your personal goals, remember why are you there, what do you want to do with you’re life. You got there for a reason, plus see all of that like an adventure. Be ready to learn and to experience new things. Try to make new friends, get out with your new colleges, don't just stay in your room and cry. Think positive and you'll see that life abroad can be so sunny and fun:-) 

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