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Content Marketing Machine

The content marketing world has been turned upside down. Why? Well, because marketers trying to put their message in front of prospects, in order to generate leads and customers. But marketers forgot about one little thing called...internet :-) Through the internet everything has quickly changes and they realised that have to practice the opposite. So, in order to create the relationship and earn the permision to sell to prospects, they have to produse relevant though leadership content, not only content about their own products/services. 

First step: THE PLAN: strategic structure for content
  • Team: Assemble the group to manage your content marketing operation
  •  Ideas: Generate a steady flow of ideas for your content
  • Production and Distribution: Assemble your content and distribute it across the web
  • Audience Development: Generate traffic to your content
  • Conversion & Nurture: Convert visitor to leads, nurture them to opportunities
  •  Measure & Optimize: Analyze and improve performance 
When you're creating the strategic structure for content, you actually have to find the "sweet spot". This is the perfect content that combine the interests of your consumers and your unique expertise

Having a plan and a great team is not enough...here comes the hard part: IDEAS. How to have ideas? According to James Webb Young in his book "A technique of producing ideas", "an idea is nothing more or nor than a new combination of old elements". So, one of the most important fact of coming up with new ideas is to read widly and combine facts. Hot topics and trends are also important in generating ideas, because a "cool brand" is designed for a cool audience that is abreast of all new stuff. Gathering and sifting information is another part of the process. Ideas are easy, but the process of getting them is difficult...but this is the engaging thing of being part of a content producing project  :-)

But because your brand is supposed to be different than the others, this sweet spot  also  has to be different. That's why every marketer has to build their own content marketing machine. Content marketing is different than traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, marketers were able to rent someone else's car and by this i mean:

  • someone else's atention and someone else's audience - you may guess the process: pays the media and renting quickly results...because the media already has an audience. But is it the right one? 

Traditional marketing is the quickest way to success, but content marketing takes time. With content marketing you are building your audience that you may turn to for new leads without „paying rent” everytime and make content leads extremely cont effective. 

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