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ME Inc. - Personal branding

We are all CEOs of our own company, just call it Me Inc. Personal branding is supposed to be one of our main concern, specially because now Google is more important than our business card, and LinkedIn is valuable than our university diploma. That's why personal branding is not a luxury is a necessity, even if you are not a remarkable manager. This applies to young professionals, too. 
This actually applies to everybody.

We all need a personal branding, and for you to believe that i'll point out a few advantages:

  • enhance prestige
  • you need to be different from the others
  • earn recognition
  • associate you with a trend
  • increase earning potential.

Creating a personal brand is not much different from creating a product-brand. Nitish Bhalotia said that the  personal branding pyramid can be shown as follows: 

Not having a personal brand is like you don't know who you are. So, i don't get why people are saying that personal branding is a relative new concept, when is supposed to be a concept as "old" as product-branding. What i do believe is that personal branding is develop for the people who need to be heard and to be able to position themselves in a world of incresing competition. If there will be two people with same skills and expertise, their personal brand is going to act as differentiator. 

The human sife of brand is sincere, is not about playing a role, is about being yourself. Brands stands out for something. Brands has to offer value, is responsible and it is driven by passion. If you think that the first two things are easy to fake, well...the third one..not so much. Passion is hard to fake. Authenticity matters and you can't fake that. Either you really love what you're doing and you're passionate about it, either you're not. Being passionate about your job and about who you are and who you're becoming includes mistakes and failures. Even if you're buiding a personal brand, the process is not only you. Collaboration, team-work and helping other people is also part of you becoming  a brand. 

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