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The 2013 social media landscape

Just an image. That's how Brian Solis successed to incorporate all the social network: The Conversation Prims. The infographic is a visual map of the entire social media lanscape. Even if Facebook is still "in fashion", having a social business means more than a Facebook page. The social media marketing has evolved a lot and became truly helpful for brands. Social media marketing got through 5 stages of maturity in order to provide an integrated social business strategy. 

First stage was all about planning. The brands were encouraged to listen to consumers in order to learn about their social behavior. This first stage was a strong foundation for strategy development and execution. 

From planning, staking a clame represents the natural evolution of the presence in social media. In this stage, brands started to link their social presence to business objectives, pass on engagement and develop sharable content.  Engagement is the third stage of social media landscape evolution that came to offer a different experience with the brand. Consumers started to be involved in online activities with the brand through social contests and interactive applications. Becoming a social business is not just the fourth stage, but is a business lifestyle. That's why nowdays almost every business is social. Being a social business it's a way of business, not only an inspirational one, but a functional one. In this stage, your business expand its focus beyond social to tackle and integrate with other strategy efforts, such as digital and mobile. When social is converged, there is no separate social business strategy - there is going to be just one strategy with one set of business objectives and outcomes. 

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