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Fashion-Marketing Dressed Up Game :-)

Fashion PR means taking a designer or brand and promoting through the use of third party endorsement in the media. The effects of a well executed campaign create a "buzz" that is responsible in a large part for the success of many brands, such as: Alexander McQueen, Channel or Stella McCartney.
In the fashion industry a great name is important with the brand that backs up a little bit the whole business situation. In my opinion, there are two differences between a regular bag and a Louis Vuitton bag: the price and the name. The name that stands behind every fancy product is the result of many hours of branding and PR, in order to find a good explanation for the customers to "why this bag cost 3000 euros?"

One of my favourite fashion house is Alexander McQueen, because is different, but i also love Stella McCartney fashion house becouse is feminine, classy and not extravagant. I love watching their fashion shows, because they are always spectaculouse in terms of concept, clothes line, lights, music, everything - there's a whole show out there :-) 

I have lived in Japan for almost 2 years and that experience totally changed my perception about fashion. Their street fashion is a chaos. I don't know if that might sound weird, but is an organized chaos, that it looks good and a love that. I had that weird feeling that those people are putting their whole wordrobe on them in the morning, but  still looking great. Japanesse fashion is all about colours, weird combinations (for an european), lots of volumes and style. One of the things that i love the most is the courage of wearing iconic pieces that showcase the asymmetry, raw edges, unconventional struction, oversized proportions, high-tech fabrics and monochromatic palletes thatt characterize japanese designers. 

How does the japanese fashion market looks like? Evaluated at over US$ 5 billion, the Japanese fashion market will therefore be receptive to those Brazilian companies interested in offering their apparel in the country, principally those that are determined to place their products by resorting to medium and long-term strategies and hiring qualified professionals in Japan to perform marketing tasks.

  I visited the Textile Museum "Yukari" and i was very impressed by the fashion diversity and the combinations of style. The Textile Museum is strongly supported by the Embassy of Japan, in order to promote their culture and their fashion style.

Japanese Fashion market is highly competitive. To be successful in this market, it is recommended that each company clarify its brand concept, clarify the consumer target, and select the distribution channel. It is very important to work with the press who understands the character of the brands and the designer, and have many contacts with effective people from magazines, stylist, etc. Advertisement is vital in the fashion industry. The fashion magazines play a large role on setting trends and sparking consumer interest. It is important to pick the right magazine for a specific brand.

The market is dynamic and permanently in use with fashion trends established through the main fashion capitals around the world. It is also very demanding in terms of quality and design. In terms of marketing, an interesting "fashion image" should be projected by the product and an impeccable after sales service is required by both the retailer and the customer.

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