joi, 10 octombrie 2013

#IMWorldEvent 2013. Innovation on a high level :-)

On the first day at #imworldEvent expo-conference it was all about innovation. Business, retail, online, all those industries are willing to take action and make a change, in order to establish a truly and meaningful connection with customers. Why? Because this is how the future sounds like :-)

 Connect with your customers, offer them an unique experience with your brand and be visible in the online enviroment. By creating meaninful connection between customers and your brand, you may have the chance to be the visible face of your category. People are thinking in terms of categories, but they express themselfs in terms of brands. So, when you what to buy toothpaste, you will say you want to buy Collegate, when you want to buy an energizing drink, you will buy RedBull, and diapers...what's that? let's buy some Pampers :-) #imworldEvent

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