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What if brands rediscover the virtue of sharing?

It pays to share, because no word has seen a more profound shift in meaning than SHARE. Edelman  identified 16 sharing behaviours across 6 dimensions. Here's what brands need to do in order to engage in a high-level with their customers: 

1. Shared Dialog 

  •  Listens and responds thoughtfully.
  •  Gives many ways to ask questions and give opinions
  •  Invites people to share stories/experiences using their products and services with others
  •  Enables people to share stories/info/videos with friends

2.Shared Experience

  •  Offers brand experiences beyond just using the product.
  • Links people and the brand online and in real life through events and activities.

3. Shared Goals 

  •  Asks people about their needs.
  • Demonstrates it wants people to succeed at what's important to them.

4. Shared Values

  •  Communicates openly and transparently about how products are sourced and made.
  • Conducts business in ways that align with people's values
  •  Gives back to the community.
  • Shares people's beliefs for helping the world. 

5. Shared Product

  •  Enables people to personalize products.
  •  Invites people to test products, collaborate on design, and provide feedback.
  • Openly offers information on how the brand performs against competitors.

6. Shared History

  • SHARE company history or story.  

Studies showed that 90% of people want brands to share and they reward all those brands that share. How? People intent to use/trial, intent to purchase and intent to recommend. In an article that i wrote a few weeks ago, i talked about Facebook recommandation, as a tool that increase the purchasing intention. 

But how can a brand share? The answer hides across those 6 dimensions. Brands should spark a meaningful conversation. Brand's community managers create and distribute lifestyle and product content across social media channels and spend a lot of time every day responding to virtually every comment or message directed to the brand. Every single interaction between brand and cutomer need to be special and experiences need to be about people, not about brands. People want brands to help them to reach goals. They want to be asked what they need for, what they want. Brands need to understand people's aspirations, people's goals and motivations. Stop yelling about your values here and there if you can't translate you're values into actions. Stand up for what you stand up for. People have a lot to give, but they have to receive something back from brands. 

People enjoy sharing stories with other people and sometimes with brands. But first of all, brands need to integrate sharing, redesign the existent engagement channels and properties to incorporate higher-value sharing. 
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