luni, 28 octombrie 2013

Why visual branding is so important?

Visual thinking uses the part of the brain that is emotional and creative. People think about themselves that are creative. Run a survey and ask:" do you consider yourself a creative person?". You'll be shocked how many people THINK that are creative. Brands need to be more visual in order to be remembered. Forget about so many words, bla-bla-bla, being visual is the ultimate sophistication! How many people will remember your slogan after an  advertising campaing? 

Being visual triggers the idea that you'r brand is creative, is authentic and cool :-D It breaks the boundaries, crosses the international borders, without needing translation. 
An authentic visual trigger will speak for your brand, even in those situations where there's no marketer, no Facebook page administrator and no loyal fans:-)

I explained more in the presentation below: 

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