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Mobile Marketing Trends 2014


 Investing in mobile marketing: is it worth it? 
In 2014, mobile market value will reach 22 billion dollars worldwide and mobile optimization will become a reality

Mobile marketing initiatives will go social and offer a tremendous opportunity for marketer to increase their brand visibility in the social media environment. This may represent a great way to bring brand digital personality closer to consumers, in order to create and develop an emotional relantionship with them. 

Mobile Marketing Trends 2014 from Madalina Balaban

Brands on mobile:
  •  playful mobile apps
  • website mobile version, in order to make it look like an app
  • make your brand more accessible 
  • produce content in episodes 
  • develop mobile specific content
  • create a mobile journey within content marketing
  • QR Codes. 

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6 comentarii:

  1. Mobile phones are becoming more sophisticated but sociable and interactive today and in 2014, the trend already shows that more complex but friendlier ones would be on the market. Marketers need to take advantage of the development of social media and use those platforms to make known their company's products and services. This can be done through the development of Apps that can be interactive enough since human beings always want to interact. In the end, these platforms can lead to sales.

    1. This is so true :-) I hope that marketers will focus more and more on creating interactive mobile apps, in order to generate brand favorability and drive sales! Thank you for your opinion! Have a nice day :-)

  2. This is a good SlideShare presentation. I am a huge fan of mobile apps, but some of my favourit brands are not focusing on that. Hopefully, in 2014, something good in going to happen.

  3. It can reach even more! This year we are going to have quite a big expansion in the mobile sector. NVIDIA is here with the big guns like Tegra K1, INTEL will do the same with the tablets and maybe partner with Google. AMD is already doing their best with ARM 57 for cloud storage. It will be quite a good year!

    1. I hope so, Mihai! As a marketing specialist, i have that weird feeling that mobile marketing sector is not exploited enough :-) But it seems that, this is the right time, this is the right year :-)