marți, 3 decembrie 2013

Storytelling: marketing as a story

It is remarkable how marketers are starting to use more and more storytelling as a brand new concept. Actually is nothing new in it. Storytelling is not a new concept, is a new opportunity to communicate marketing initiatives and brand characteristics.

People are storytellers by nature, so that’s why brands are getting more and more into marketing storytelling, because they discover a new way to  get involved with consumers at an emotional level. People love stories. We are telling a story almost every day. Think about it! Story about some friend that you’ve met, story about what have you done at the office, story about your wife/husband, and so on.

marketing storytelling

That’s why storytelling is a great way to communicate. People get attached by beautiful stories, they relate to great experience and they are waiting to see what’s going to happen next. I love storytelling, because is like the good side of content creation. It is that side of content strategy that brings a human side into branding.

Sometimes, I say about marketing storytelling that is the connection between brands and consumers. I think that is a great way to bring brands back to life throughout better user experience and interactivity.

There are 10-20, maybe 30 ways to create effective marketing content. It's easy, just google "effective marketing content"; but there is one way to humanize brands, by involving them into this emotional conection with consumers.

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