duminică, 29 decembrie 2013

Where good ideas come from?

Sometimes it is so hard cu come up with good ideas. It's seams to be easy, but it is a difficult process to find them. Actually, the question is: where good ideas come from?
The Steven Johnson says that ideas come from a sudden stroke of insperation and they are based on great insights. 

But what i think, it is a little bit different :-) This is how it begins: 

1. You are happy about having a new project to work at

2. You come back to your office full of energy. You're in a gread mood!

3. And... you got nothing...no idea...nothing. 

4. Maybe if you try harder...

5. And even harder :-)

6. Stupid head! Accept the idea that you don't have any idea and be frustrated!

7. And start all over again 

8. Don't panic! You have plenty of time :-)

9. But when you feel the deadline is close...

10. You actually start working

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