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Creative thinking by Walt Disney

There is no question about it: Walt Disney was a genious. He created a real world based on his wishes and imagination, without asking "is it right to do this?"
Well, it was and it still is. Walt Disney used to say about creative thinking that is all about being curious. It is like moving forward, opening new doors, because this is what drives you to come up with magic ideas. All those magic ideas, that he used to love: "I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known." 

Out of curiosity, peope may find best things to do with their ideas and one of those things is to believe in them. It's like you will never work one day in your entire life. It will be just fun :-) 

  • Creativity is process of being constantly curious, it is not like Poow..and it hits you! 

  • It's all about lighting up your mind with knowledge and beautiful experiences

  • Get motivated by the desire to do what you love, not by the desire to get rich. Walt Disney used to say that sometimes you reach a point where you don't work for money, but you work for what you love. 

  • Don't repeat succes and move on and do other things and reach the success over and over again. According to NLP specialists, Walt Disney creative thinking was also based on success.

  • Disney was focused on the future. According to him, times and conditions change so rapidly, so he tried to focus on what's relevant. Do you know why Mickey Mouse is so successful? Because it is a simbol of independence and he is so human. 

  • Get ideas out of nothing. To Wall Disney, there was nothing funnier than human animals. Mixed creative concepts work the best, because people do  not expect to see something like that. 

  • Believe in you. Walt Disney believed in being an innovator 
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