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OnlyIT interviewed me

A few days ago Rachel Levy Sarfin, senior staff writer at, emailed me and asked to interview for a story that she was working on about mobile marketing, for ITinCanadaOnline  :-) 

It was a great pleasure for me to talk with Rachel and share my thoughts about mobile marketing, meaningful content and gamification, for her story :-)

Here's some things we discussed during the interview: 

People use their mobile phones for surfing the Internet, taking photographs and sending text messages. Marketers realize what powerful tools today’s smart phones are, and have begun targeting their messages to their users. Madalina Balaban, a blogger and social media expert, believes that marketers will further develop their techniques for reaching out to the public through mobile devices. She recently released a set of predictions of how businesses will use this technology to communicate in the coming year.

Balaban noted that optimizing websites for mobile phones will no longer be optional for companies. “Being on mobile is not a trend anymore, it’s a reality,” she said. “Marketers have this great opportunity to increase brand engagement and visibility through mobile platforms, and they should take advantage of it.” Balaban pointed out that the number of consumers shopping on their mobile devices has risen exponentially in the past several years. They are also using their smart phones to perform dozens of other activities online, such as playing games and social media sites. Businesses that do not optimize their website for mobile devices are missing out on a significant source of traffic and revenue. The social media expert also believes that mobile device platforms give brands a chance to make an emotional connection with their customers. Balaban called it “a way to bring out their digital personality.” (...)

To read the whole interview, click here.  

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