luni, 13 ianuarie 2014

What defines you?

A few days ago i listened to an inspirational speech, that makes you wonder: what defines you?
It is your beauty, it is your personality or it is you dream? The woman that was proclaimed "the ugliest women alive", succeeded to be defined by her goals, not by ther aspect. She graduated from college, is a motivational speaker and is a book writer. 

Lizzie Velasquez is suffering from an unknown syndrome, but that didn't define her. 

By listening all the people arround you, you forget to live your own life, in your own way. Don't let anyone's criticism or judgment define who you are and don't let you being defined by your flaws. Your more than a "package" that has to be beautiful and flawless, in one word: perfect. 

David Sedaris said that "everyone looks retarded once you set your mind to it", and that's true. People see what they want to see, so look straight to your soul and define yourself, then look in the mirror: what do you see? 
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