joi, 2 ianuarie 2014

What happen in an Internet Minute?

On the internet, time is overrated. To put it in a few words, an Internet Minute is measured in video and photo uploads, app downloads and Facebook views. 
Here, in the online environment, yesterday is dead and gone, but tomorrow is full of shareble internet content of all kind. Today the number of networked devices is equal to the global population. So, on every minute,  internet is getting richer and richer with:
  • 30 hour of videos 
  • over 61.000 hours of music
  • 204 milions emails sent 
  • 83.000 dollars of Amazon sales
  • 6 new Wikipedia articles published

By 2015, it is estimated that you will need almost 5 years to view all the videos crossing IP networks each second. 

Albert Einstein said that time is an illusion. Time is something we want the most, but what we use worst. That's why smart content will win the battle of internet minutes. You will click on it, you will read it and you will come back to it, even if another internet minute full of content will come. 
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