joi, 13 februarie 2014

How to bit fake LIKES on Facebook?

Nowdays Facebook Likes shouldn't be so important for brands. A few day ago i have watched this video, where Derek Muller showed that most of the Facebook advertising likes are fake and this thing might cause to your social media reach and ROI. 

  • Engagement is the most important thing, not likes. Stop counting likes and focus more on creating valuable relationship with fans, in order to increase your engagement rate. 

  • Brands shouldn't focus on having 100.000 fans database, but create a compact community of brand ambassadors. Those people are not just fans, they are superfans :-) 

  • Create powerful and engaging content to make people come to you. Facebook likes advertising is supposed to be just a second tool to use in order to develop your social media community and to make it easier for people to find you. Develop Facebook apps, contest, powerful visual content and advertise on them. 
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