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Instagram, just for prestige brands?

It seems that Instagram is the most used tool by prestige brands from fashion industry, watches and jewerly. 
According to L2ThinkTank, 92% of those 250 prestige that have been studied, have Instagram accounts and 72% are also posting videos on the platform. 

What about the users? Well, 60% of the Instagram users are outside US and it is estimated that more and more brands from Europe are going to create accounts on Instagram. Comparing to Pinterest, Instagram has the most active users. 

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Instagram strenghth point is the direct messaging platform, that allows brands to engage in interactive conversations with consumers. 

According to a study, Instagram was the best platform for brands in 2013, even better than Facebook. Instagram has a strong focus on visual content, but it's not like Facebook. Maybe the right content combination for brands is Facebook+Instagram, in this order. 

In last few months, Facebook became more and more visual, in order to compensate for its lack of organic engaged users. Marketers are trying to create engaging content, in order to increase their organic reach and to pay less for Facebook ads.

Here, a good solution is to create viral content, that produce more coverage with much less money :-) 
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