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Valetine's Day: Facebook Contest Ideas

Even if people are saying that Valentine's Day is not a big deal, they are still celebrating it. Marketers know that and they are just getting ready for ramping up a Facebook contest. 
Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday that everyone's spending money on for their loved ones. But because it's just a one day holiday, brands should focus on developing quick but engaging contest on Facebook. Something easy to get engaged into, but fun and lovable :-D 

#LastMinute: Valentine's Day Facebook Contest Ideas

  • Photos/Videos Contest - it is easy to implement and fans love them. 
  • Love Scenarios - it is a great option for brands if they want to gain insights from your fans. It is known as a essay contest, where fans can give details about how your customers interact with your brand.
  • Decoration Contest - ask fans to decorate and upload a photo with their own Valentine's Day card.

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