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Fashion Brands in Social Media

A lot of fashion brands have been cutting the edge for digital integration and for this year New York Fashion Week, some of these brands came up with a few interesting online strategies. 
Burberry continues to grow its social media awareness by creating an online invitation to New York fashion Week. They also created a mobile messaging platform, in order to allow fans to have access to special content from Fashion Week. 

Marc Jacobs created a Tweet Shop and shared behind the scenes photos and great videos with its brand new collection. 

During New York Fashion Week, brands crafted visual storytelling content, in order to engage fans and get the most of this event. Christian Dior understoond that they have to use visual storytelling content in social media as an engaging way to approach fans. This type of content become the  most proven approach for engaging fans online.

Fashion brands are getting more and more into social media. It doesn't mean if you're a luxury fashion brand, or a fashion sport brand: everybody in on social media. Here you can find the World's Top 50 Fashion Brands guide and know more about their strategies that make them adaptable brands in the worldwide economy. 

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