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How to communicate in a world changing at the speed of light

Social media is the fastest growing sector of people that are getting engaged with their favourite brands and this communication environment is getting "old". Yes, people over 40 years old are more and more active on social media, especially on Facebook. 
But this is not all about Facebook. The fastest growing sector of people that are taking selfies are 40-50 years old women. When it comes to content sharing, Facebook is more popular and more accesible for brands, because Instagram is still personal. 

So, if you want to create a Instagram account for your brand, you have to be good at hashtag culture, in order to get known and grow your brand visibility. As i have said before, Instagram is still personal and as a brand you have to be really, really good. Pinterest is a better solution for you, as long as you're working with great art directors and ilustrators. 

There are many social media channel, too much information and not so many people that are willing to talk to a brand.

So, how do we communicate with these people when they are consuming the information so fast?  

We are 100% in control of our time. You don't have to wait 7 days to see your favourite tv show - you can see a full season in one night. It's live, it's online, it's here. People are not waiting anymore for anything. You can do what you want, whenever you want and probably, you're not spending your time reading Facebook updates. We all do that. We just scrolling down without reading every single thing. 

Quality content in a right context always wins. It is very important to stop looking at social media as a delivery channel. Gary Vaynerchuk has a great strategy: give-give-give-ask. Share quality content, engage with the people and stop thinking that you have to communicate just about your brand. 

Why social media is social media?

This is called "social media" for a reason. There is not just about you or your about people. So, in order to ask people to do something (share content - talk to you - buy your products) you should give (quality content in a perfect context). As a marketer you need to think about the psychology of the people that are in a specific digital environment (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc)

Even if you create a brand account, try to think as a regular user. Think as Pinterest users are thinking, or think how Instagram users are thinking. Why people are posting photos with outfit combinations on Tumblr? Because they want to show  that they are creative, classy, stylish. Find the reason behind people's actions. 

You don't need a business objective for every word you post on social media. 

Act human and then you can ask people to buy your stuff, answer to your questions and get engaged with your brand. 
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