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Top social media management tools

Why do we need tools for managing social media? Being a social media manager or single page administrator, you have to deal with many posts, updates, comments from fans and creative proposals for clients. All this things takes time, especially if you want to do it right.  
  • Hootsuite - is an amazing tool that lets us see several feeds, all at once. 
As an alternative for Hoosuite, i recommend SocialOomph, because is a productivity tool for social media management. I am also a huge fan of TweetDeck, because i can take complete advantage of powerful filters and customizable columns for arranging  feeds. Here's how it works

Another app that is similar to Hootsuite is SpreadFast and allows you to communicate with a wide audience, based on its particular service believes - the 3M's: monitor, message and measure. This app helps you to interact with a bigger audience via major social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare and LinkedIn.

  • Buffer - this tool is designed to spred scheduled posts, in ordr to be shared at optimum time. 
  • SocialBro - is a quickly discover influencer within a Twitter community and it works just great. 
In this infographic, you will find another interesting tools for social media management, that may help you to create better connection with you audience, by maintaining real-time management of the comments and campaign flow.

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