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Social media campaigns after Facebook's reach decline

In the recent months, Facebook released a few changes to its algorithm, and this fact determinates what content is displayed to users.
Facebook is not the only social media platform experiencing diminishing reach. Twitter reach also declined, but studies have shown that in some cases, Facebook engagement rate increased, if the marketers applied the right strategy. 

What great brands do? 

 First of all they recalibrate their digital strategy in order to increase organic reach. Marketers have to focus on the matrics that matter, such as:

  • engagement
  • click-throughts
  • conversation, and also, it is very important to invest in a multi-network strategy, in order to extend digital reach. 

Invest in multi-network strategy

Even if Facebook remains the most popular social network, brands should focus on developing their digital strategy and take advantages of all these networks, such as: Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. 

Great brands are using hashtags and unify them for cross-network promotion. 

In order to run connected campaigns you should:

  • promote your hashtag across all channels (social media, digital ads) 
  • share campaign across networks and email to further expand reach.
A few weeks ago, i talked about context, not content. So, every social media platform has a distinct set of conventions and behaviors and requires a different approach. That means that every marketer have to prioritize budget and resources for every network and approaches, in order to get the best results for his business.

88% percent of marketers believe that integrated multi-screen campaigns are going to be very important to message deliver within the next three years. (Pew Research Center, December, 2013) 

Empower your brand communication by developing a multi-network strategy and create a specific communication for every single social network. Create a specific tone-of-voie for every type of social media network, but communicate globally with one, strong and effective digital strategy for your brand. 

What about SMO? (social media optimization)

SMO is becoming an important factor in search engine optimization and it is highly recommended for Facebook, Twitter and Google+, in order to rank pages in the search engine result pages. SMO it is also a good mechanism for viral marketing, because all the information about your brand can be accessed from every social media platform, and this is how you create a digital universe around the brand. 

SMO is part of the online reputation management, also called search engine reputation management. Marketers should pay attention to their brand online reputation because it is very important. Even if your online reputation is good today, doesn't mean it will be the same tomorrow. 

You can't predict digital future, that's why you should take a step further and build a strong digital strategy and maintain the right communication strategy. 

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