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Retail: Reshape the shopping experience

Mobile apps have changed the way we do shopping. People no longer have the patience to wait for an in-store associate or sales agent to answer their questions or assist them with their purchase. The ease of mobile, innovation in the mobile app area and online purchases has made consumers turn away from in-store purchases
Reshape the shopping experience 

Retail mobility transformes the in-store shopping experience and makes it more interactive. Retailers have the opportunity to enhance the level of customer service and satisfaction by providing a complete and different shopping experience. 

On mobile devices,  retailers can provide real-time product information about their products, such as: targeted promotions, pricing, location, availability and advice on the products. Also, if your purpose is to create an online community around your brand, you should also add a feature where people can talk to each other,  share experiences and buying tips about products. 

I don't know about you guys, but i haven't been into a mall for such a long time. Buying stuff online is easier and more comfortable for me. Retailers need to pay attention on the fact that for people is easier to compare prices online, so you have to care about the hole package of the shopping experience. 

People are not buying just products, they are buying an experience. Those classic e-shops are ok, but i don't know for how long, because things start to change. Retailers are getting more and more into interactive e-shops in order to recreate the atmosphere from the offline shops. Also, they are trying to create a mix between offline and online shopping. 

Retail experience redesign 

Create a different brand experience with a redefine brand vision strategy to  enrich the customer experience. The next study case represents a success when it comes to bring the online environment in the offline environment and create an engagind shopping experience. 

Retail experience redesign - study case

Allen Edmonds  has been making men’s luxury footwear and accessories for 85 years, its loyal fan base consisting largely of older, functionally minded businessmen. The challenge was to reach a younger market and redefine brand vision strategy was their key to success.

The space was  planned in order to elevate the significance of the product through storytelling and service gestures.  Prototypes for several sites took into account differing locations, retail adjacencies, and footprints. The essence of the experience remained consistent across the range of sites, but responded to significant local contexts and opportunities. 

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