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What people SHARE on social networks?

Are you trying to find the right type of content for your brand? Good! Because all this information you'll find in the infographic below it might be helpful for you to create the right social media content strategy and better ad targeting:

  • Active users by sex and age
  • Demographics
  • Contries where people share most on social media
  •  Life events that people use to share on social media
  • Most shared emotions. 

Pictures are the most shareble type of content in social media. It is estimated that 43% of the users are sharing photos on their wall, 26% share opinions, links to articles and updates of what they are doing. 

Photos are also the most shareble type of content on Google+, followed by link to blogs and articles. There are almost 4,5 billion items are shared each day on Facebook. 

In order to make your content shareble you have to keep in mind that this is social media and it is about being social, not only about your brand. This desire of making your content shareble is based on a giving back situation. Poeple will not interact with your brand just because you created a Facebook account and share some stuff. Give something to them and you will receive interactions in return. 

What should you share with your fans? 

  • contests
  • interactive apps 
  • relevant and new information
  • creative photos
  • updated 
  • video content
  • engaging content in order to  make them talk to you. 
What do you receive in return?

  • opinion about your brand
  • feedback (positive or negative)
  • social engagement
  • an important presence on social media. 

What People Share On Social Networks #infographic
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