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Social Media Trends 2015!

2015 is the year of storytelling and beautiful experiences between brands and people. In the presentation below i added top social media trends for 2015 and also some content marketing tips for every social network. 

Social Media Trends 2015

  • Facebook Trends 2015 - Facebook remains one of the top social media users when it comes to social active users and brand engagement. 2015 is all about being mobile and create amazing user experience by using those devices. Also, E-shops are supposed to be more popular among brands, not only among celebrities. 

  • Twitter Trends 2015 -  In 2015, Twitter become more user friendly and allow user to experiment brand world without leaving the platform. All this, just by using videos played in-stream. 

  • Pinterest Trends 2015 - Pinterest may become one of the best E-commerce websites out there. It remains very user and Google friendly because of its fresh content.

  • Instagram Trends 2015 - The brand new ad platform will allow marketers to focus on the best tactics, in order to increase brand engagement and visibility. 

  • Youtube Trends 2015 - People like to consume video on their mobile, so adding fresh video content on your Youtube channel should be a priority. 

  • Google+ Trends 2015 - It remains Google best social media platform, being very SEO friendly.Also, it will be added better ads soon.

  • LinkedIn Trends 2015 -  LinkedIn will become the major B2B platform for business growth. 
In the presentation below, you will also find another social media trends and marketing content tips for social media. 

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