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The Marketer to 2015

A few days ago i received a copy of a very interesting research report from Incite Marketing. This study was conducted among 1000 marketers from all around the world and it is based on conversations with 30+ senior brand marketers. 

The Marketer to 2015

In 2015, marketers should expect to look for a different type a customer relationship, because believe it or not, your consumer has changed. Now, customers have more power than ever before, that's why their expectation as to what constitutes "acceptable interaction" with a brand is changing. 

There is also another very important aspect of their power  - their voice. Because of social media, the voice of customers is getting louder and louder, so your brand is no longer within your control. People don't have to listen to you anymore. They can fast forward TV ads and they can block your ad banners.

What they expect is for you to be relevant as a brand and be there for them -  answer them fast and solve their issues. Do whatever it takes to beat your competition with relevant and simple actions: be agile and fast and don't forget to do more than they can expect. 

Speaking of marketing channels, e-mail marketing is getting highly important for marketers in 2015 and social media gets the second place. You can find and download the entire report here

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