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What makes shoppers buy?

This survey was conducted by VWO on 1000 US respondents. The research was conducted online in October 2014 on mobile and desktop users in the age group of 18 to 65. The reseach report revealed that online buyer are a massive force for brands, because they are impulsive buyers. 
What makes shoppers buy?

Even if this study was conducted in USA, it is full of insights that can be extrapolated to a specific human behavior, when it comes to online shopping. So, in this article, i will focus on emphasize those key findings that are so human, that can be extrapolated to a bigger mass of consumers. 

In this research you will find:

- key insights and trends
- things you need to know about cart abandonment
- how to attract, convert and retarget eCommerce buyers 
- how to improve consumer conversions
- why social media is an eCommerce asset. 

The main reason for cart abandonment

This study reveal that unexpected shipping cost is the biggest reason for cart abandonment among online shoppers. On the other hand, free shipping is one of the top reason why people decide to buy online - because products are cheaper, it is more comfortable for them to buy online and also, they don't have to pay for this comfort. 

Unexpected shipping cost it is a big dissapointment for people. First of all, you are very excited about finding lots of things you want to buy and at the end of the shopping process you realize that shipping cost is huge. 

Improving Consumer Conversions: Understanding 

Mobile Users

In this study you will find that: The number of shopping app downloads for mobile/tablet directly correlates with age. Consumers belonging to younger age groups are more likely to have a shopping app on their phones/tablets compared to people over 35 years. This is true and makes sense, but in other contries mobile devices are not used for shopping, but for research. In Romania, "browsing" and "searching" are the top 2 activities that people are doing from their mobile devices. 

Social media as an influencer for Ecommerce

From retargeting products to running paid campaigns,  marketers can effectively use Facebook to attract new customers. Facebook is the social network that keeps people most informed about the latest in online shopping. When it comes to their second favourite network, women prefer Pinterest, while men prefere Twitter. 

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