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Why people SHARE content on social media?

Social media sharing is one of the most important ways to make a content viral, so that's why marketers need to understand the mechanism of why people SHARE content on social media
It seems there are some certain emotions involved in the social sharing process. Emotions is a key driver in why people share content and it is a way of expressing their personality. Also, it is a way of saying: "i'm that cool girl/guy who discovered this awesome content" or "i am a huge supporter of this cause". 

Which type of content are you most likely to share? 

There is a different in social sharing behavior, that's why:

- mature markets - share informational content
- emerging markets - share entertaining content. 

The survery about why people share content on social media was conducted in Brasil, France, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, USA and UK, on June 2014. 

I think those results can be extrapolated to the entire world, because social sharing is an emotional behavior - and emotions are universal. We share because that content is interesting, fun, engaging or because that post makes us part of a specific cause. 

Find out more about why people share content from the presentation below. 

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