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Marketers can no longer force people cu pay attention

Marketers can no longer force people cu pay attention. Buying television or online ads is no guarantee that people will listen to what you have to say.

Marketers can no longer force people cu pay attention

The solution is to reach the right people that share the same worldview as you brand do. Permission marketing allows you to reach people who are really interested in what you have to say. 

People don't what to change thier worldview. They like it, they embrace it and they want to be reinforced. All Marketers are Liars, Seth Godin

In order to make people pay attention to what you say, you need to tell a story related to their worldview. This is why many campaigns are so successful, because they are based on powerful insights and on what people think about a certain aspect. The words you use, colors on the package, media, ads, etc - they all are meant to color your story. 
A worldview is the lens used to look at every decision a person is asked to make.Seth Godin

Here, is very important to understand that a worldview is not a community, even if the process of creating a great story around your brand should follow the steps below:

 - found a relevant worldview
 - create a story around it
 - make it easy for the story to spread.

So, as i've said before, a worldview is not a community, but is a common point of view when it comes to a specific aspect. Marketers can create a community around that worldview, as long as they can make people talk with each other about that common point of view. 

There is no exact recipe to create a good story around your brand or find the perfect worldview that is embraced by as many people as possible. Why? Because people get what they expect, because people make that story in their heads. Sometimes, is not about what you say about your brand, but what your consumers think about it. 

We need to see explanations where there are none because our brains are too restless to live with randomness. Seth Godin 

In 2015, storytelling is going to be an important part of the content marketing strategy2015 is the year of storytelling and beautiful experiences between brands and people. The way we are telling stories about our brands is not important,  is crucial, because if the story is confusing or misleading, the consumers panics and ignores it. 

You know what they say: you have to dress for success - this statement is also available in advertising. So, make sure your story is "well dressed" and appropriately served to your consumers. 

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