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PR and marketing trends in 2015

Marisa Carstens, VP of Text100 Global Communications says that PR is no longer just picking up the phone and talking about the brand you're representing. It's really an integrated approach. 

PR and marketing trends in 2015

PR Newswire  posted on Slideshare a very interesting presentation with top pr and marketing highlights in 2015. It seems that in 2015, marketers can't no longer rely on the benevolence of a journalist to drive a communication campaign. Peter Himler, CEO of Flatiron Communication says that we should focus on relevant content in order to gain the attention of the media. 

The Modern PR Trends Every Communicator Should Know from PR Newswire

PR is getting more strategic than ever before and also more creative. Storytelling is one of the top trends in marketing and pr, because is very important to market your brand with a genuine voice to build a loyal online community. When it comes to content strategy is important to remain relevant for your audience and engage users in meaningful conversations around the brand.

Content marketing - timeline tips:
-  mix up your topics, in order to keep your audience engaged;
 - encourage people to subscribe to your website or Youtube channel (you have to master the video content in 2015);
 - create powerful visual and video content. 

Mobile optimization is one of the top pr and marketing trends in 2015, so you have to master it. Mobile optimization is able to deliver better brand engagement as long as mobile experience is very engaging for users. If your app or website mobile is difficult to navigate, users are more likely to go to the competition. 

Mobile optimization is also able to increase conversions, especially because mobile shoppers are usually impulsive shoppers. In order to drive sales, marketers need to offer a unique shopping experience on mobile. 

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