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The link between content sharing and identity

A few days ago, i wrote an article about why people share content on social media and i have mentioned that social sharing is an emotional process, because emotions is a key driver in why people share content and it is a way of expressing their personality. But social sharing means more than that. 

The link between content sharing and identity

According to a report from Fractl, social media users choose what content they share not only based on emotions, but on the personal and social characteristics they value most. This study reveals that social sharing is also a way to express your: identity, goals, values, personal issues and aspirations. 

For marketers is very important to understand how identity theory works with content sharing, in order to create shareble campaing and create connections with consumers. 

Top 5 broad aspects of identity

Survey participants ranked their relational and personal identities as the most important factors they consider when sharing content online. Also, they said that sex or age are not important when sharing content, because they are superficial identity factors. 

Factors relating to generation, race, and religion were ranked as the lowest considerations in online sharing behavior.

The content sharing process is also related to social motivations and generation differences. According to this study, women values almost all aspects of identity slightly more than men. 

This study shows us how audiences want to portray themselves when they share content online. Build messages that reflect these insights, and you’ll be creating content that people want to share. 

Here, you can download the full report: the link between content sharing and identity. 

Content sharing-and-identity from Madalina Balaban

So, bottom line, social sharing is an emotional process, but is also based on the personal and social characteristics that people value most. In 2015, content sharing and storytelling are going to be the top two most powerful weapons for marketers for social engagement and online buzz

I don't think there is a standard recipe for social success, but i think that every marketer can follow a few basic rules and engage consumers in witty smart actions, in order to gain online visibility and interactions. 

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