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Advertising: Meet your breakfast Weetabuddies

Weetabix started a new multi-channel campaign that introduces its brand new characters, called Weetabuddies.

Advertising: The Weetabuddies

With spend over £5.5 million, the Weetabuddies campaign will run across TV, on-pack, in-store, social and online, as well as engaging Mummy bloggers in an effort to get more kids and their families choosing Weetabix. Weetabix press release

With this campaign, Weetabix want to get kids excited about breakfast in the morning and also looks to address  the issue that on average children aged 4-10 years  are currently not eating enough fruits or fiber food. 

 By helping families to get creative and encouraging them to make their own Weetabuddies, we hope that kids will be reminded that a bowl of Weetabix is a lot of fun, while mum can be reassured that they are still getting a delicious and nutritious breakfast, helping us to encourage a whole new generation to fall in love with Weetabix as a result. Claire Canty, Weetabix Senior Brand manager.
On the official Weetabuddies website, there is a very funny app, called Weetabuddies creator kit

Weetabix: The Weetabuddies - Break a nail 

Weetabix: The Weetabuddies - Happy Birthday 
 Weetabix: The Weetabuddies - The language of love 

Weetabix: The Weetabuddies - Alphabet 

Weetabix: The Weetabuddies - PE lesson 

Agency: BBH London, UK
Client: Weetabix
Coutry: UK
Year: 2015.

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