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B2C content marketing trends 2015

Five years ago, Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs launched the first annual content marketing survey. According to the research report, this year, the survey has grown to reach more than 5,000 marketers, both for-profit and nonprofit, in 25 industries in 109 countries.

B2C content marketing trends 2015
According to the research report below, 23% of B2C marketers are successful at tracking the return on investment (ROI) of their content marketing program, amd also, 51% say measuring content effectiveness is a challenge, compared with 36% last year.

Having a documented content marketing strategy helps in both regards: 43% of B2C marketers who have one say they are successful at tracking ROI, while the number who cite measuring content effectiveness as a challenge drops to 33%. Here, i wrote an article about documented content strategy in 2015

Does your organization use
content marketing?

77% say yes. 
ContentMarketing Institute Research Report

Top findings about content marketing trends 2015:
  • 45% of B2C marketers have a dedicated content marketing group in their organization;
  • 69% are creating more content now than they did one year ago;
  • The use of blogs dropped from 72% last year to 67% this year; the biggest increase in tactic usage has been for branded content tools (from 37% to 47%).
  • B2C marketers are juggling many initiatives, such as: better converting visitors on website (65%), creating more engaging/higher-quality content (62%), becoming better storytellers (61%), optimizing social media and website content for social media (61%).
B2C Content Marketing 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends - North America by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs sponsored by Enveritas Group from Content Marketing Institute

Social media content and eNewsletters top the list.

B2C marketers were asked which content marketing tactics does your organization use and the top two answers were: social media and eNewsletters

Note: Fewer than 40% of B2C marketers said they use the following tactics: Print Magazines (37%), Online Presentations (36%), Case Studies (35%), Print Newsletters (34%), Webinars/Webcasts (31%), Books (30%), Research Reports (28%), White Papers (28%), Digital Magazines (27%), eBooks (25%), Podcasts (22%), Virtual Conferences (22%), and Games/ Gamification (20%).

When it comes to online platforms usage,  the numbers make clear the rise of social media, specially Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The biggest jump in usage has been for branded content tools (from 37% to 47%) and ilustrations/photos, even if one of the top social meda trends of 2015 is represented by video content. 

Note: Fewer than 45% of B2C marketers said they use the following social media platforms: Tumblr (29%), Foursquare (28%), Vimeo (27%), Flickr (26%), Vine (21%), SlideShare (20%), StumbleUpon (20%), and SnapChat (15%).

Using video content and video advertising will be a good tactic to adopt in 2015. This can be another channel to support your lead generation efforts , increase website visits and brand awareness and engagament in social media.
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