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Case Study: L’Oréal Paris using Twitter Amplify

L’Oréal Paris Australia and Twitter Ads

L'Oreal Paris Australia needed a creative way to capitalise on the buzz around the Golden Globes, Oscars and Grammys to increase engagement with beauty enthusiasts.

Case Study: L’Oréal Paris Australia and Twitter Ads 

Using Twitter Amplify, L'Oreal Paris Australia was able to complement its TV sponsorship with a mobile extension and a social strategy to engage fashion trendsetters in Australia. This multi-platform approach was essential to distributing fashion content to audiences anytime, anywhere. (
Twitter Amplify gives us more bang for our buck. TV plays a strong role in our media mix because it drives sales but this is an expensive investment. Twitter Amplify gave us a way to get more ROI by amplifying conversations driven by TV in social media, reaching out to followers who might not even have been exposed to TV. Once someone joins the conversation, it creates a new connection that can be reactivated over time through our own channel. We go from a one-off communication to an ongoing one and this media mileage we earn is fully measurable. Christophe EymeryHead of Digital at L’Oréal Australia and New Zealand 
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