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Case Study: MCM Pizza

MCM is a French cable TV channel that used to only show music videos. When MCM decided to revamp its programme grid to propose an explosive mix of Mangas, Monster Truck Show, Wrestling, Sexy girls or Zombies movies, they had a big ambition: become the favorite TV channel of young geeks. 

Case Study: MCM Pizza

You know geeks : they never go out they stay sitting in front of their computers they should definitely get a girlfriend But above all, these guys are very fussy when it comes to advertising. 
So, in order to get geek’s attention, they looked for the best medium to reach our geek target and we found it: PIZZAS!
Mcm created MCM Pizza, the first Pizza brand that tastes like TV Programmes.

Agency: BETC Paris
Country: France
Campaign: MCM Pizzas
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