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Color Psychology In Marketing: how colours influence consumer emotions?

Color matters for your business, so in order to maximize your profit, you need to know your data and learn more about how each color influences consumer emotions and purchasing decisions.

How colours affect online sales and how they influence consumer emotions? 

RED -  is all about emotions and powerful feelings;
 -  increases passion and intensity;
 - encourages appetite.
RED IN MARKETING - is highly used by restaurants (such as McDonald's) and by shops, because red is associated impulsive shopping. 

YELLOW - is a very warm color and is freaquently associated with thinking process and creativity. 
YELLOW IN MARKETING - represents optimism and is used when marketers want to send a very specific/clear message. Because of its association with thinking processes, marketers use this color to grab consumer's attention. 

BLUE - is associated with water, peaceful and warm atmosphere, that's why many pharmaceutical companies are using this color. They need to make you feel secure and trust their opinion. 
BLUE IN MARKETING - higly used in corporate business, and pharmaceutical companies, because it creates a sense of trust and security. 

GREEN - is associated with nature and fresh environment;
 - symbolizes money and wealthy life. 
GREEN IN MARKETING - green is associated by consumers with expensive products/services and with organic and natural products. 

PURPLE - is also knew as the royal color. 
PURPLE IN MARKETING - is highly used in beauty industry, because purple is also associated with wealth and succes. 

ORANGE - is seems like a very positive color, but aggresive. 
ORANGE IN MARKETING - is used especially by supermarketes to communicate certain promotions.
 - found to impulsive shoppers.

Color has the ability to attract a specific types of shoppers and also can change shopping behavior. 

Find out how colours affect online sales from the infographic below: 

Source: infographic

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