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Facebook’s Global Economic Impact

According to the Facebook’s Global Economic Impact report from Deloitte (that is embedded below), Facebook enables significant global economic activity by unlocking business opportunities for marketers. 

Facebook’s Global Economic Impact
Facebook's global economic impact enables more revenue and jobs across the world. Being an active brand on Facebook comes with hiring a social media specialist or even creating a social media department. 

In terms of business communication, Facebook allows new and traditional businesses all over the world to reach customers locally, nationally and even globally. Another advantage is that Facebook reduces barriers to marketing by helping businesses of all size raise awareness of their brands and find people that are really interested in their products and services. 

When it comes to apps and technology, Facebook is able to provide new tools for marketers, in order to help them emphasize their creative concepts and promote products, services or ideas. Another notable finding is that Facebook increases demand for mobile devices and Internet services that carry possitive spill-overs to other parts of the economy. 

Facebook has become a hub that democratizes marketing: it facilitates economic activity for businesses of all size. 

Here, you can find the full report: 

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