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Guide to marketing with video

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A few days ago, i got the ultimate video playbook from Visual.ly and i wanted to share it with you guys. In one of my articles, social media trends of 2015, i talked about how important video content is for brands. Video content represents a constant and growing presence in consumers's media life, what’s evolved is the way brands are using video to tell stories.

Guide to marketing with video
Video content is an effective medium for brand storytelling and is also, very appealing for consumers. Video marketing is even more engaging for consumers than pictures and is able to create a two-way interaction between consumers and brands. 

In the last months of 2014, we have seen an explosion of video content on Facebook and it is estimated that in 2015, Twitter will also play the videos in-stream. So, because the future is video or video is the new black, as i like to say, B2B marketers are using video in increasing numbers. 

Why marketers are using video content? 
  • Videos increase attention of youraudience over whitepapers and briefs;
  • Videos introduce ideas in a powerful, quick, and concise manner;
  • Videos address a wider and slightly moresavvy audience. 
So, in order to increase awareness of your brand, you should optimize your video content. Tag your video with keywords or phrases and if you upload the video on Youtube, don't forget to write the best video description: include keywords and website link. 

When deciding what keywords to use, think about how you search for information yourself. 
 Many B2C marketers list conversion as one of the most important objective. So, there is another reason why you should include video in your content marketing strategy. Another aspect you shouldn't forget is that the key ingredient to a viral video is storytelling, or marketing as a story, how i like to call it. 

Having a video on your brand' landing page can increase conversions upwards with 80%. 

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