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The new female consumer

Adage published a report about the new female consumer, which explores what multiple generations of American women want, when it comes to family, work and life in the 21st century, decades after the women’s liberation movement.

The new female consumer: the rise of the real mom
 This white paper will explore in depth, women with children still handle the bulk of the household and child-care responsibilities, the so-called “second shift”—whether they are working full time, staying at home or working as freelancers. 

Women with children are still focusing on career. They are also entering the work force in higher numbers than ever before, and with higher education levels, they are commanding higher salaries.
Women have moved from defining themselves in terms of derived status. They are moving towards wanting sense of personal identity beyond those private domestic roles. Rena Bartos
So, if your brand is targeting supermoms, you should know that for younger generations of mothers, having it all doesn’t mean doing it all. Real moms look to subvert the so-called “mommy trap,” where a mother has to choose whether to forfeit a career to care for the kids or plow ahead at work and hand over the stroller reins to the nanny. 

Many of us have thought that one of their biggest challenge for women is to find the perfect balance between family and career. But here's a good thing they find during this research: women realize that there’s no such thing as being good at everything, so they’re going to focus on doing well in the moment that they’re in. 

This research reveals that women 30 and older, even those in the work force, tend to value marriage and parenthood over career and educationEven millennial women—who consider career and education more important at this point in their lives—place much more importance on being in a committed relationship, owning a home and being a parent than men their age. 

What about being a supermom? 
They asked survey participants whether they believe that “having it all” when it comes to family and career is subjective, and nearly two-thirds of women said they do. 

Nearly half of women they surveyed said finding balance between family and career is “a joke” for working women. Today’s women understand that life is a series of tradeoffs both big and small: having a job means less free time to spend with children, but more income and autonomy; getting takeout for dinner means less control over
ingredients but more convenience. 
Moms have just become more and more savvy. They weigh price with the benefits of products. Also, they experience this sort of backlash and anger that women have to marketers. What they’re saying: ‘Don’t tell us what we think; don’t tell us who we are.’
Even if family comes first, money are important and every dollar counts, so it comes as no surprise that, as the COO of the family, today’s mom is trying to manage that stress by playing the price and value game. 

Here, we can read and/or download the full report:  

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