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Twitter: the big moments in 2015

According to this Gordon McMillan, editor on TwitterUK, Twitter will help you to plan ahead you social media strategy by designing conversations around the most important topics on the Internet.

Twitter: the big moments in 2015

The plan below, will help you create meaningful conversations for your brand in a witty smart way and get engage with customers. In order to do this,  is very important to find the best hastags for your posts. Also, you should be up to date to top social media trends, in order to find hashtags relevant to your brand. 

How do you find hashtags relevant to your brand? is a very good world's hashtag organizer, because is always up to date. - this Hashtag Lab helps you
 gather in-depth intelligence about your audience.

In order to be successful on Twitter, you might be interested in the stats below:
 - 70% of Twitter users access the platform primarily on their mobile devices;
 - Twitter is getting more and more visual - images drive 18% more  click-throughs;
 - Tweets with images generate 89% more favourites and 150 percent more retweets than text-only tweets. (Study Source:  
34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads. Study Source:
According to Hubspot, the average number of clicks per tweet with tweet copy was 98 clicks, and the average amount of clicks per tweet with a title was 110 clicks in June, 2014.
Also, it is very important to use actionable words like "Download", "Learn more", or "Find out how to..", because will increase your clicks by an average of 13%. 

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