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Video tools for your online strategy - 2015

Here are some great resources for you to create video content for your business online. Some of those resources i've used or i'm using them right now and i truly recommend you. I hope this will be healpful for you :-).  

Video tools for your business

EasyVideoSuite - here you can record, publish, market and track your video online. This is not a free tool, but think about how important video marketing is right now and maybe you will decide to invest in this type of content. As a marketer you need to upgrade your content creation possibilities and create more video content

Telestream - this is screencasting and video editing software for Mac. With ScreenFlow you can record the contents of your entire monitor while also capturing your video camera, iOS device, microphone and your computer audio.Then, all you have to do is editing your video and share it with the world. 

Kizoa - this is a free video maker tool, very easy to use. Here, you can create videos, slideshows and collages and edit photos.

Ezvid - is probably the most complex video tool for your business. With Ezvid you can record your screen and capture whatever appears on your computer screen: web pages, games, applications, paint programs, maps — the list goes on and on. Edit your video and then save it for later, or upload it directly to YouTube: the choice is yours.

Animoto - is one of my favourite video tools. If your planning to do videos shorter than 30 seconds, then Animoto is all you need, because for short videos, Animoto is free to use. Below, i posted a video that i created a year ago for Dr. Oetker's Pizza division in Romania. 

PIzza de la Dr. Oetker

Powtoon - is definetely one of my favourite video maker tool. If you are an expert of Powerpoint presentations, this  video tool shouldn't be difficult for you. Here's one of my videos that i've created using Powtoon. It is called: 5 tips for your online strategy in 2015

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