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Case Study: Škoda Fabia - fight for attention

Fight For Attention is a website that was created to launch the new Škoda Fabia. This website uses a browser-based eye-tracking system to determine what car in the advert is grabbing the users attention. There was two New ŠKODA Fabia and just one battle to test user's eyes.
UPDATE: The new Škoda Fabia Attention Test

Škoda Fabia - fight for attention

In this campaign, Skoda uses eye-tracking webcam technology integrated into your laptop to track the movement of your eyes across the screen. 

ŠKODA CASE STUDY from 18 Feet & Rising on Vimeo.

The whole experience starts with eye calibration. My result said that I looked at the blue Fabia for 68% of the time, and yes, i think that the shoe caught my eyes :-). 

Which Fabia will steal your attention? 

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