joi, 19 martie 2015

Case Study: World's First Instagram for Reading - "Storygram"

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People read less, because they have more pictures to view and it seems that the modern culture works this way. Instagram is growing fast and book readership is decreasing just as fast. 

Case Study: Empik Online - "Storygram"

Book reading is decreasing fast in Poland, that why Empik, as the largest book seller in the country, decided to take advantage of the fact that Instagram is growing fast. That's why they created the World's First Instagram for reading

Empik: In Search of Lost Reader

According to The National Library statistics, 19 million people in Poland did not touch any book in the past year. 
I did not read the book, but i watched the movie.
Empik found some of the lost readers in the cinema, where viewers found out that books are worth reading in spite of the fact that you've seen the movie.  

Agency: Change Integrate
Advertiser: Empik 
Location: Poland
Year: 2015
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