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Advertising: Audi S1 - The power of small

BBH London team up with Audi to demonstrate the power of small. In the video below, there is a montage of scenes that demonstrates how small things can make a huge impact. In this way, Audi and BBH communicate the power of  Audi's new compact S1 car. You can find more about this car on the Audi S1 microsite.

Audi S1 - The power of small
Neil Davies, the Creative Director said that the vast majority of the ad is beautifully shot in camera, it was just up to us to finesse the final touches, combining passes for the vast balloon explosion, bonfire shot and car shot to enhance the light and energy.

Audi S1 - The Power Of Small from Sizzer Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Agency: BBH London
Advertiser: Audi
Location: London
Year: 2015.
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