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REPORT: The impact of social media usage on sales performance

Kitedesk.com released a brand new research report for B2B companies about  the correlation between social media use, quota attainment and corporate revenue. It seems that in the past five years this correlation has grown stronger. 
The impact of social media usage on sales performance

According to this study, 70% of sales professionals who exceeded their sales quota used social media during at least 70% of their sales activities. In contrast, almost half of sales reps who reported low use of social media missed their sales quota last year.

So, how does social media stack up as a sales tool?

The majority of survey respondents say that social media is e fective throughout the entire sales process. Also, 37% of survey respondents say that they  provide social media training for sales for their employees.

In investment in social media area represents a new opportunity to close more deals and are more likely to meet or exceed quota. In order to accomplish those goals, sales professionals have learned how to use social to take advantage of social data, insights and shared knowledge significantly outperform their sales peers. 

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