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B2B Content Marketing Trends 2017

Year by year, I'm very happy to read the new content marketing report from Content Marketing Institute, because I found them very insightful. The new 2017 research among B2B professionals reveals the fact that content marketing takes a turn for the better comparing to last year. Why is that? Well, first of all because almost 62% of B2B marketers in the United States have said that their content marketing strategy is beginning to be much more successful. Let's see what that actually means :)

B2B Content Marketing Trends 2017

One of the most important aspects when it comes to content marketing is to be ''all in'', because the results do not come over night. So, one thing that I have found very interesting in this report and confirms my theory is that 91% of top performers that are very committed to content marketing, compared to 63% of the overall sample and 35% of the bottom performers (those who characterized their overall content marketing approach as minimally or not at all successful). 
In order to achieve a certain performance when it comes to content marketing, most of the top performers claim to apply several steps in order to stay committed to this marketing action:
1. One content type
2. One main platform
3. Consistent delivery
4. Long period of time.

B2B content marketing - level of maturity

22% of the responds were able to classify the level of maturity of their content marketing strategy as being mature and most of them (35%) have said that the level of maturity of their content marketing approach reaches adolescent level. These B2B marketers have developed a business case and after seeing early success, they have became more sophisticated with measurement and scaling.

Top B2B marketers focus on measurement and deliver consistently 

Even if 55% of the respondents have said that their B2B content marketing organizational structure is small and they don't have a dedicated content team, it seems that the other 24% of professionals that have a more structured content team are able to gain results based on the content marketing strategy. 
Here's how 85% of these B2B marketers are able to deliver consistently and gain results by focusing on monthly measurement and deliver content according to the interest of the audience.

Top factors contributing to B2B marketers' increased success over the last year  


Top factors contributing to B2B marketers' stagnant success over the last year 

High quality content and documented strategy are the top factors that influenced the success of B2B marketers' increased success over the last year, but on the other hand time seems to be their biggest enemy. Content marketing takes time! Time to document your audience' interests in specific topics, time to face content marketing challenges and time to stay up to date with top news and social media tools that you may take advantage of, in order to promote your content.

Year by year, I realize that I have to stick to my conclusion that even if we refer to B2B or B2C market, the idea is pretty simply: content marketing is a team effort that asks for consistency and commitment to this job. I am all for creating a documented content strategy, not just ''a content strategy''. Assuming that the objective is to create content for your company blog or for social media that people would like to engage with, is essential to create content that they would like to read and share.
In conclusion: another year, another great report from Content Marketing Institute that you can find below. Read it, share it and start your commitment to content marketing :)

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